What Is Going On Between Thermodyn And Global Sealing?

The last month has been a whirlwind. From the ISD Spring Tech Expo to the GFA and FSA conventions, it feels like we’ve been on the go all of April. It was not tiring. Rather, it was a lot of fun. And quite exhilarating seeing so many of you in such a short amount of time. It was great catching up, hearing about your needs as customers and sharing a few laughs. We look forward to helping you complete your projects during the upcoming year.


One theme that kept repeating itself on all our stops was what in the world is going on between Thermodyn Corporation in Ohio and Global Sealing in Houston? When Thermodyn’s name appeared in front of Global Sealing’s late last year, most people assumed the former had simply purchased the latter. It’s a fair assumption, however the two companies have been linked from the get go. After 20 years in business on their own in Ohio, Thermodyn “expanded” and opened up Global Sealing in 1999 to serve the growing needs of oil and gas industry along the Gulf Coast.  Over the years, Thermodyn has developed a reputation as the leading distributor for Viton™ FKM material and high quality, state of the art expansion joints. And Global Sealing became a go-to place to shop for all sorts of commercial grade rubber needs. There has always been a lot of crossover between the two and we’ve been helping each other and our customers behind the scenes all these years.


Flash forward to the current day. It’s been an exciting stretch for Global Sealing. We’ve changed locations in Houston, moving into a new building on Homestead Avenue. We’ve re-organized our warehouse and inventory control. We’ve undergone a personnel makeover giving us a friendlier, more professional staff. And the last of these changes is finally marrying the two company names onto our Houston marquee: Thermodyn Global Sealing.


It might seem like a simple cosmetic change, but we think it is a big deal. We’re capitalizing on the good record each company has already carved out in their respective fields to become more of a one stop shop for our customers regardless of if you call us in Ohio or Texas. Our staffs at both facilities are well versed with our entire product line. Call us in Ohio. Call us in Texas. We’re waiting at both places to ensure your success is sealed.

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