Fluorodyn™ Coating THP-2000 (made with Viton™)

Two part room temperature cure coating system with 35% solids and pre-measured accelerator.



Quart Can
One Gallon Can
Global Sealing Code:
41-V-Coating-32 oz
41-V-Coating-128 oz


Hazmat box  charge for all shipments, multiple cartridges shipped per box, call for volumes
All Hazmat shipments to be shipped from Thermodyn’s Ohio facility.
About Fluorodyn™ Coating (made with Viton™)

Fluorodyn™ two-part coating (made with Viton™) was developed in conjunction with DuPont engineers to perform in high temperatures, aggressive vapors, and extreme environments. The coating with accelerator offers superior chemical resistance when material must be fully cured, and heat is not an option. Coated surfaces can be back in service in as little as 17 hours after application.
This two-part coating is easy to mix and ready to use in 15-20 minutes. It withstands temperature extremes from -20°F to 450°F with peak temperatures up to 500°F. It’s resistant to over 350 fluids including concentrated acids and hydrocarbons.
Performance you can depend on, names you trust. Thermodyn™ and Fluorodyn™ (made with Viton™).