Fluorodyn™ Adhesive THA-3000 (made with Viton™)

Two component Viton™ Adhesive



Pint Can
Quart Can
Global Sealing Code:
41-V-Adhesive-16 oz
41-V-Adhesive-32 oz


Hazmat box  charge for all shipments, multiple cartridges shipped per box, call for volumes
All Hazmat shipments to be shipped from Thermodyn’s Ohio facility.

About Fluorodyn™ adhesive (made with Viton™)

Fluorodyn™ adhesive (made with Viton™) was developed in conjunction with DuPont engineers to perform in high temperatures, aggressive vapors, and extreme environments. Originally designed for cold splicing flue duct expansion joints, this unique adhesive is ideal for splicing fluoroelastomer materials and bonding rubber to metal surfaces.
Made with Viton™, this adhesive cures quickly at room temperatures and offers the same chemical resistance as all Fluorodyn™ premium products made with Viton™.
Performance you can depend on, names you trust. Thermodyn™ and Fluorodyn™ (made with Viton™).