Thermodyn To Give Viton™ Presentation At ISD Spring Expo


 Viton™ Flouroelastomer is an advanced and complicated product. Determining which kind to best to use in your application can be an intimidating prospect for both first time and long time consumers of the product. Luckily we have a great, friendly sales staff that is more than capable of helping you wade through the waters.


For our colleagues in the industry attending the International Sealing Distribution Spring Tech Expo in Clearwater, we’ll be giving a special presentation on the uses and advantages of Viton™ Flouroelastomer over other products in the marketplace.  The Expo runs April 4th and 5th and will provide a high quality level of technical training and expertise from all corners of the industry.


Our part of the show will be run by Jim Briggs, the head of our new Engineered Coated Fabrics Division. Jim has a charismatic, yet easy going public speaking style. He also has a wealth of technical expertise that will be on display during this event.  His comprehensive presentation on the differences between various types of Viton™ Flouroeslatomer, which are best to use when and the overall benefits of using Viton™ Florouelastomer over some of the imitations that have hit the market in recent years. The whole event requires pre-registration, which can be done on the ISD’s website.


The Technical Expo ends Tuesday morning in order to give the many attendees who are also attending the GFA Expo in Orlando later that night. Company Vice President Jeff MacMillan and Jim Falls, our national sales and marketing manager, will join up with Briggs at the Orlando event. We can’t wait to see everyone down in the Sunshine State.

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